Sometimes the standard models of garage doors available simply don’t meet your requirements. In these cases, it is recommended that property owners invest in bespoke garage doors that are built specifically for their needs. Such doors should be designed from scratch by a team of experts and produced using materials that will ensure that they last. Fortunately, we at Cardale have access to both of these things and much more as we proudly supply quality bespoke garage doors to clients.

We have been delivering garage doors of all shape and size for many years, so we’re confident in being able to fulfil the needs of all clients that reach out to us. By taking advantage of high-quality crafting materials and taking clients through a thorough design process, we can deliver garage doors that are tailored to your needs.

This page will give you a better idea of what to expect from our garage doors and let you know how you can benefit from our bespoke options.

Bespoke Garage Doors

Homeowners have been investing in bespoke garage doors for many years, particularly when standard options have come up short. While you may think these garage doors are more expensive, they can actually work out to be more cost-effective depending on your needs.

The obvious benefit of such garage doors is that they’re tailored to your requirements. However, there are many more advantages to be enjoyed from the bespoke garage doors we at Cardale can produce

While matters concerning security are vital, it is often equally important for clients to have a bespoke garage door that is aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, as the name would indicate, the look of our bespoke garage doors is totally customisable. Our staff will introduce you to the broad selection of untreated woods we have available so that you can choose materials that are suitable. Rest assured that we have enough variety for you to find a style for your garage door that is suitable.
We believe that the best garage doors are those that function without issue and are easy to operate. It is with this in mind that we’ve incorporated some of the latest in garage door technology into our models. Whether you want a side-hinged unit that opens like a traditional door or a roller door that opens vertically, we will ensure that the garage door you choose works correctly. By taking advantage of the latest hardware and technology, we can offer all clients exceptional garage doors.
The main reason why many clients opt for bespoke garage doors is that they need a unit that is a very specific size. At Cardale, we’re delighted to offer doors that have been made to measure, as our team will take you through a thorough consultation process. We’re capable of cutting our materials into any desired size or shape to ensure that you get a garage door that is tailored to your garage. If you need assistance in getting the correct measurements, our team will be happy to help.
One of the most important parts of the process when it comes to getting bespoke garage doors is the design stage. At this point, our team will be in deep conversation with you regarding exactly how you want your new garage door to look. We will be able to produce a design that is as close to your requirements as possible while taking into account practical limitations. During this phase, our team will offer expert advice to make sure that you get the best garage door possible.

Long-Lasting and Durable Bespoke Garage Doors

We believe that longevity is vital when it comes to our garage doors, which is why we go the extra mile to make quality a priority. By only using the finest crafting materials available and by ensuring that each garage door is fitted correctly, we can make sure that your new entrance lasts a long time. What’s more, the durability of our garage doors also means that they are excellent with regards to bolstering the security of your garage.

Secured by Design Doors

We at Cardale understand how important it is for all homeowners to know that they’re getting durable doors that are highly secure. We’re proud to report that we have a range of Secured by Design doors available for clients. These doors are certificated to CS 5051 STS202, which is approved by the ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers. All of our Secured by Design doors are bespoke and so are built entirely around the needs of each client.

Our team wants to make sure that our clients receive garage doors that are great-looking as well as highly secure. It’s for this reason that we’ve continued to expand the range of standard and elite colours that we have available for customers. With heavy-duty strengthening ribs and springs along with secure locking brackets and an inside locking handle, our Secured by Design garage doors are some of the more durable on the market.

Bespoke Garage Doors Materials

The key to producing bespoke garage doors of the highest quality is to only use the finest crafting materials available. By taking advantage of steel, composite, and other such materials, we can craft garage doors that are built to last. You will, of course, be able to decide which materials you want to be used on your door. The quality of the crafting materials we use is what separates us from similar suppliers that offer bespoke garage doors.

At Cardale, we’re confident that ours are some of the best quality garage doors on the market. Thanks to the fact that we only use crafting materials of the highest quality and that all bespoke garage doors have a sophisticated design, our products are unmatched by similar suppliers. We’re always looking to improve the quality of the bespoke garage doors we can deliver, which is why our team are always innovating our manufacturing approach.

Doors Suitable for All Clients

At Cardale, we want to reach as many clients as possible to provide them with our excellent bespoke garage doors. If you’re interested in our bespoke garage doors and would like to know more, please book a survey with one of our product specialists or order a brochure.


There are several reasons why you may choose us at Cardale to produce your bespoke garage doors. For a start, we pride ourselves on being able to deliver personalised service to every client. It is vital to us that you’re left satisfied with any garage doors you purchase, which is why we will work with you closely at all times. By doing so, we can ensure that all your requirements are being fulfilled and that the bespoke garage door we’re crafting is suitable for your property.

Another reason why you should choose us to craft your bespoke garage door is that we focus our efforts on manufacturing quality products that are built to last. By using high-quality materials and carrying out thorough checks on our garage doors, we can make sure that clients invest in an entrance that has been built to last. The quality of our bespoke garage doors alone is why we’re one of the most highly sought-after suppliers in the UK.

In short, there are several reasons why you choose our team when in need of bespoke garage doors, including:

  • Personalised Service
  • A Range of Customisation Options
  • Expert Advice
  • Quality Doors
  • A Lasting Investment
Bespoke garage doors offer many benefits, particularly those crafted by our talented team at Cardale. Firstly, bespoke garage doors are tailor-made to your requirements, so you’ll be receiving an entrance that perfectly suits your needs. Secondly, bespoke garage doors will ensure that you have easy access to your garage at all times, making it quicker for you to enter and exit the space. Be sure to take advantage of these benefits and more by investing in our garage doors today!
At Cardale, we aim to deliver wholly personalised service to all clients who are interested in our bespoke garage doors. You can expect our team to take you through a thorough consultation process in which they’ll outline your requirements and offer useful design advice. Once you’ve settled on the specifics of your garage doors, we’ll get to work on having them produced and keep you fully updated on our progress. Overall, you can expect both a quality product and service.
We realise that one of the most important aspects of all garage doors is the security they offer. Property owners want to make sure that the bespoke garage door they invest in will keep this space safe from burglars and the elements. As such, we have made sure that all of our bespoke garage doors pass our security checks and are made from strong, durable materials. If you still have concerns about the security of our garage doors, be sure to get in touch with our team.
Potential clients should know that it is vital for bespoke garage doors to be fitted correctly in order for them to be safe to use. It is for this reason that you should leave the installation of these garage doors to professionals that have the required training. Clients will be glad to know that all of our garage doors are fully tested after they have been fitted and have passed all the required checks before being shipped out. For further safety information, be sure to reach out to us today.

Contact the Bespoke Garage Doors Experts

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It is vital to us that all customer queries are dealt with thoroughly to make sure that they can make an informed decision on purchasing our garage doors.

If you’d like to speak to a member of staff about our bespoke garage doors directly, then your best bet is to call us on 0800 559 3552. Here, one of our team will talk with you and go through any questions you have about our work.

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