Homeowners with a garage will know how vital it is that this area of their property is protected by a door that improves security. What’s more, it is also important to invest in a door that is easy to operate and grants you quick access to your garage. It is for this reason that many property owners are now investing in up and over garage doors for their homes. Here at Cardale, we’re proud to supply such doors to our clients.

We have a broad selection of up and over garage doors, all of which are of exceptional quality. Our team pride themselves on delivering garage doors that will exceed the expectations of clients. Made from the likes of steel and other materials that are excellent for security, our up and over garage doors are sure to satisfy all those you invest.

This page will help you find out how you could benefit from our excellent range of up and over doors today!

Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage doors are popular amongst homeowners thanks to their simple functionality and security benefits. The doors operate by being lifted up from the bottom as the top slides back towards the roof of your garage.

This functionality not only makes these garage doors easy to operate, but it also goes lengths to saving space in your garage. Such doors have only continued to increase in popularity over the years.

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Our up and over garage doors are our most popular, and for a good reason. While affordable, you won’t be compromising on quality as all doors have been designed to last for a long time and are easy to maintain. We use materials such as steel, and composite to craft these doors, all of which are of the highest quality. As such, you can ensure that these doors are some of the finest for a garage on the market.

Up and over garage doors are known for their ease of operation and simple functionality. Each door is lifted up and pushed over the top of your garage entrance so that you can enter.

Canopy models are the most popular thanks to their affordability. However, if you have limited space in your garage, you may opt for a retractable option that is electronically operated. Whatever you choose, you can be assured of excellent design.

As part of their sophisticated design, up and over garage doors are fitted with a spring-loaded mechanism. This feature is essential as it allows the weight of the door to be carried once it has been opened above the garage. These springs are not only essential to keeping the door open safely, but they also help to make the opening of the door itself a simple process. The spring mechanism will still operate safely even under heavier door materials such as steel.

We want to deliver an up and over garage door that is not only functional and great for security but one that is also visually appealing. As such, we have put together a wide range of different patterns and surface types for our garage doors. Whether your door is made from steel you can rest assured that there will be a suitable pattern available for your home.

Our Range of Doors

At Cardale, we realise that all homeowners have different needs when it comes to garage doors. As such, we’ve made sure to offer a broad selection of models that differ in shape and size.

Rest assured, each door still has the same exceptional benefits regarding security and functionality. The variety we offer is unmatched, so be sure to have a browse today and find a garage door that is suitable.

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Canopy up and over garage doors will have the door itself rest so that the main body is sticking out while the garage is open. These are the most popular types of up and over doors and are available in a range of different materials, including steel. These types are mostly operated by hand, but there are automatic options available. Canopy up and over garage doors will offer excellent security benefits for your garage thanks to their strong build.

Retractable up and over garage doors are a more practical option for those who are struggling for space. If you don’t have the room in your garage or driveway for the canopy model, a retractable model is the best option. Usually operated electronically, these garage doors offer the same security benefits as their canopy counterpart and are also available in steel.
One of the most obvious advantages of up and over garage doors is that they are easy to use. Whether you opt for an automatic or manual option, you’ll find that you’re able to access your garage far quicker than before. Thanks to their sleek and sophisticated design, these garage doors are simple for anyone to use and can be fitted into all garage types. Compared to other door models, up and over garage doors really are the simplest to use.
Up and over garage doors are very flexible in terms of what sized garage entrance they can be fitted to. A team such as ours at Cardale will consult with you thoroughly to outline your measurements and fit the door as required. Whether you need a large up and over garage door for commercial security or a smaller steel model for domestic use, we can cater to your requirements.
As if up and over doors weren’t easy enough to operate, we at Cardale also supply automatic options. This type of functionality will make it even simpler to get to your garage and take away that little extra effort. You can rest assured that all automatic garage doors are fully tested upon installation to ensure that they are working remotely correctly. Having an automatic option will go lengths to making your garage more accessible.

Up and Over Door Materials

We use a variety of different materials to craft our up and over garage doors, including steel, and composite. Each of these materials, particularly steel, is very strong, making our up and over garage doors excellent for security. These different materials will also have an effect on how your door looks, so be sure to choose wisely. 

Below, you can find further information on the various materials and finishes we have available for our up and over doors:

Best Quality Garage Doors

At Cardale, we want to assure clients that when they purchase garage doors from us, they’ll be getting a product that has been built to last. As previously stated, we only use the finest steel and other materials available, so you’ll be making a lasting investment when you buy from us. Our team pride themselves on being able to deliver doors for your garage of the highest quality.


Above all else, you should consider an up and over garage door from us at Cardale because of the quality we put into our products. We make sure that each door we produce meets our high standards regardless of size, shape, and material. Aside from being easy to use and great looking, you can rest assured that an up and over door from us will be a lasting investment.

When you take advantage of our up and over garage doors, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Easy to operate
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Bolstered security
  • Added convenience

We want to reach as many clients looking for garage doors as possible. To make this possible, we’ve continued to expand the already impressive range of garage doors we have available for UK customers. Clients will receive garage doors of the highest quality no matter what model they require for their home.

When you invest in an up and over door for your garage, you can expect accessing your garage to be much easier than it was before. You can also expect to benefit from a more aesthetically appealing garage entrance, as all of our doors are stylishly designed by our team. Finally, you can expect to be making a lasting investment as our garage doors are built using materials of the highest quality, such as steel, which makes for better security.
There are many benefits to having up and over doors. Most notably, these doors are incredibly easy to use and make accessing your garage a quick and hassle-free process. What’s more, these doors, often made from steel, are incredibly strong. This feature makes them excellent for security and helping to protect your garage and its contents. You’re sure to enjoy all the advantages that these outstanding doors have to offer.

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