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Your Cardale door should be regularly serviced and maintained as per the Cardale Service Passport. This information booklet is found on the back of all new doors.
Here at Cardale we are the manufacturer of garage doors and do not sell direct to the public. We deal with companies around the country who supply, install and repair Cardale doors and accessories. For contact details of a garage door specialist in your area please use our dealer locator.

Purchasing a New Door

All door sizes shown in Cardale literature are the actual size of the opening that the door is to go into. Sizes shown are given as opening width x height in feet & inches. Therefore a 7066 door is made to fit an opening 7ft wide by 6ft 6 inches high. Similarly a 1470 door is made to fit an opening 14ft wide by 7ft high. Cardale generally build a tolerance of approximately 19mm into the width and 25mm into the height of the door panel supplied, this leaves a gap around the edges of the panel to allow for the unhindered operation of the door gear.

Please refer to the Cardale Technical Guide, this can be located in the downloads section of the Cardale website.

For complete sizing information please contact your local garage door specialist who will be able to advise the correct door size for your requirements. Alternatively you may wish to download the Cardale Price list which details all the sizes available in the Cardale Range. This can be found in the downloads section of the website.

Door Finishes

Glass Reinforced Polyester (also known as fibreglass or glassfibre) is a term used for a two component ‘plastic’ type material that is stiffened and reinforced by bonding polyester resin to a multi-stranded fibrous glass ‘mat’. The whole product cures chemically into an inert ‘mass’ that will not warp, shrink or rust and is remarkably stable. GRP has no joins, seams, rivets or welds visible on the face of the door and its gel-coat face is capable of picking up a completely faithful woodgrain pattern from the moulding process that will even leave the timber experts fooled
Unfortunately it is a very difficult task to make a satisfactory job of painting a plastisol door and we do not recommend it.
White gloss GRP doors can be overpainted in a different colour if required. There are proprietary primers, undercoats and finish coats available from specialist paint manufacturers for use on GRP. The easiest source of supply and advice is from yacht chandlers (see Yellow Pages). Unfortunately, as we have no control over the effectiveness of the preparation and painting, no warranty will be available on any door so treated.

Canopy Doors

The spring has either become dry / dirty and needs some lubrication or the spring needs an extra turn or two to increase the lifting power. First of all, oil the door as per the instructions in your handbook and open and close the door a few times to let the oil penetrate, then check the opening action again. Often oiling the door has the same effect as increasing the spring tension. If the door is still sluggish / heavy to operate then add a bit more tension following the instructions in the handbook / on the back of the door. It is always a good idea to lubricate the door and check the opening action on a regular basis to ensure optimum performance. Be careful when retensioning as the spring is under a great deal of tension – follow the instructions carefully, or if you have any concerns, call your local Cardale / AGDS distributor.
Most doors can, provided the door was manufactured with CD45 or CD Professional gear (introduced after 1989). The Cardale Autoglide remote control electric opener was designed specifically to automate doors with overhead gear and do it safely and without the protrusion into the opening that you get with a bow-arm type converter. We recommend that you use a professional installer to carry out this work as the safe and correct operation of the door needs to be set accurately at time of installation.
The handle is at chest height and the spring is at the top of the door.
Service every year (or 2000 door cycles) with regular checks and maintenance every six months (or 1000 door cycles) For further information see service passport.
In the event of cable failure it is used for recovery of the door. This information can be found on the “Information point” sticker on the back of your door.
5 in total. 3x manual latches and 2x wheel spindle clamps to stop the door from being crow barred open.
More tension is needed on the spring, either follow the instructions on the “Information point” label found on the back of the door, relevant door manuals, or contact your local garage door specialist to re-tension
It is likely that the cable is broken on one side or twisted. Cardale recommends repair work is carried out by a competent garage door specialist. Please refer caller to marketing or the online dealer locator. Alternatively follow recovery instructions available on the “Information point” label on the back of the door.
It may be that the springs, tracks and all moving parts need oiling. Do not use WD40, use 3 in 1 oil as per maintenance instructions on “Information point” label to be found on the back of the door, user manual or Service passport.
Garage doors are heavy and have springs under tension which can be dangerous. Dismantling should be carried out by a garage door specialist. Instructions are supplied with fitting instructions of the door.
This is natural. The door is flexible and it will correct itself when closed.

Retractable Doors

The handle will be located towards the bottom of the door and the springs will be on the bottom sides of the door with the tracks suspended from the ceiling.
Yes, using either DC550, DC650 for doors up to 14 foot or DC800 for heavy doors and doors over 14 foot.
3. 1 at the top and 1 in each bottom corner.

Side Hinged Doors

The geometry requirements to open side hinged garage doors make them unsuitable for safe electric operation.
No, these are not available. All Cardale side hinged doors are built to open outward.
The frame needs squaring up; please contact whomever installed your door.
Yes, but the doors are fitted with door stays so can only open to where these are fitted to.
All personnel doors come with a heavy duty night latch and four anti drop bolt hinges.


Yes, all instructions to delete and reprogramme a handset can be found in the User’s & Installations Manual provided with all cardale doors. If however you do not have the User’s & installations manual. PDF instructions manuals for all unit models can be found in the fitting instructions section of the Cardale website.
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